Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Think Tank: Indigenous (Artillery) Guns - A New Route for the Indian Army

After protracted delays, the Indian Army may be getting new artillery guns by 2014. Two "prototypes" of artillery guns developed by the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) and the procurement of one million $ 647 million acquisition of 145-777 (155mm/39-calibre) ultra-light howitzers (ULH) from the U.S. may Provide the answer to the artillery starved of new equipment for Almost three decades now. The artillery procurement plan dubious distinction of Has the maximum number of scandals to include Swedish Bofors, South African Denel [Technically due to anti material rifles] Israeli Soltam and Singapore's Kinetic Technology (STK).

The OFB prototypes are based on the designs obtenues under the transfer of technology (ToT) provisions in the contract for Bofors howitzers 155mm 410 in 1986. "The prototypes, one with 68% share and the other indigenous with 46%, will Undergo validation firing in March-April before the final user trials in June," Said a source quoted by the Times of India.

Rs 1.260 crore-acquisition Have Been allotted for field artillery of 114 guns developed by the OFB. "Now, the OFB HAS Worked on the original drawings and Electronically upgraded to the 45-caliber guns from the original 39-caliber. The new howitzers Have a 38-km ranks Compared to the 30-km of the Bofors gun," an official was quoted by the Times of India. 

The letter of acceptance for the light howitzers aussi Likely to be Issued Shortly. "` An Indian maintainability assessment team 'visited the U.S. from February 8 to 25 to inspect the howitzers. The guns will be Delivered to India Within a year of the deal closed Being, "as per a source quoted by the Times of India. With the letter of acceptance Likely to be Issued by the middle of the year, the earliest guns Could be expected by 2014.

100 self-propelled tracked guns are aussi due for purchase from a foreign vendor and 814 mounted gun systems will be Developed through a joint venture with the private sector with a number of firms Such as L & T, Tata, Bharat Forge HAVING lined up for the contract. Public sector BEML aussi working along with some foreign vendors purpose FIRMS Given the internal management problems the bid is Likely to be lower on the priority list. There are no firm indications of the contracts for the 1580 number of 155mm/52-calibre Which will make up the artillery armory in the future.

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