Friday, April 19, 2013

First Ukraine built Zubr class LCAC officially delivered to Chinese Navy (PLAN)

On April 12, 2013 in Feodosiya, representatives of the state-owned defense conglomerate "Ukroboronprom" and Chinese Navy officials signed the certificate of acceptance for the first Zubr (project 1232.2) amphibious hovercraft. On the Ukrainian side the document was signed by Dmitry Peregudov, Ukrspecexport General Director.

Ukrspecexport is a state-owned intermediary company for export and import of Ukrainian military products and services.

During the ceremony, Chinese officials expressed their appreciation for the quality of work performed by Ukrainian enterprises.
The first Zubr LCAC for China was built at "Feodosiya shipbuilding company" and adapted to Chinese Navy needs. Construction of the second ship is onging for the Chinese customer. The Chinese Navy has placed an order for four craft at a reported cost of 315 million US dollars. Two are being built by Feodosiya shipbuilding company, and a second pair of vessels will be built in China under the supervision of Ukrainian technicians.

Currently the world’s largest hovercraft, development of Zubr landing ships started in the USSR in 1978, and the first serial ship joined Soviet Navy in 1988. Its carrying capacity is 3 main battle tanks with overall mass of 150 tons or 10 armored personnel carriers weighing up to 131 tons plus 140 marines, or 8 infantry fighting vehicles with mass up to 115 tons. If not carrying armor, Zubr is capable to accommodate 366 men.

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