Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ukrspetsexport Ready to Deliver the Next 22 BTR-3E1 to Thailand

the Kiev factory Armour signed an act of technical acceptance in Ukraine next batch of BTR-3YE1 of 22 cars for the Royal Thai Army. This was announced by Acting Deputy Director General DK "Ukrspecexport" Vadim Kozhevnikov.

According to him, the party of 15 cars - BTR-linear 3YE1 four - mortar BTR-3M2, two - BTR-BR and one - commander BTR3-K.

The final transmission occurs after appropriate testing in Thailand. Shipment armored vehicles scheduled for the second half of March.

"Generally in Thailand Ukrspetsexport already shipped more than 120 BTR-3YE1. Some of these machines are operated for more than two years and have run more than 2 thousand miles. Despite the difficult climatic conditions of Ukrainian production technique was reliable in operation. In Thailand constantly Ukrainian specialists to ensure its maintenance ", - said
V.Kozhevnikov. He noted that all current programs to deliver BTR-3YE1 designed to Thailand in 2015.

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