Friday, March 22, 2013

Chinese Navy Liaoning Aircraft Carrier's H/PJ-14 (Type 1130) new generation CIWS

Recent pictures have emmerged on the Chinese internet showing the nation's Aircraft Carrier Liaoning new Close in Weapon System (CIWS) in action. The new generation CIWS, called H/PJ-14, is reported by Chinese media to be of the third generation.

Chinese CIWS of the first generation are the Russian AK-630 systems, that China first acquired from Russia. China subsequently produced a local version of the AK-630 at 713th Research Institute, a member of the CSIC shipbuilding corporation. What China considers to be the second generations of CIWS is the Type 730 (H/PJ12). While close in appearance to the Thales Goalkeeper CIWS, Type 730 is actually reported to be based on the French SAMOS design, which was tested but not selected by the French Navy. China ended-up acquiring the prototype. Consisting in a seven-barrelled 30 mm gatling gun with a firing rate of 4,200 rounds per minute, Type 730 is currently fitted on most front line Chinese Navy surface combatants: Type 052, Type 052B, Type 052C, Type 052D, Type 051C destroyers and Type 054A frigates.
The new H/PJ-14 (also called Type 1130) appears to be an evolution of Type 730. It is equipped with a new 11-barrelled gun with an increased rate of fire (local media have reported a 10,000 rounds per minute firing rate). Probably because of this very high rate of fire, H/PJ-14 is fitted with two ammunition drums, one on each side (as opposed to a single ammunition drum on Type 730). Exclusively fitted on the Liaoning aircraft carrier, H/PJ-14 is expected to be installed on the next generation of Chinese destroyers, the 12,000 tons Type 055. The latest generation of destroyer, the Type 052D currently being built will still be fitted with the older Type 730. The reason maybe the much larger H/PJ-14 is very power consuming and only larger vessels may accomodate its power needs.A recent Chinese TV report on Liaoning reported that following studies and testing, H/PJ-14 is able to intercept incoming anti-ship missiles up to a speed of Mach 4 with a 96% success rate.

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