Monday, March 11, 2013

The Russian Navy will receive 24 submarines and 54 surface ships (Minister)

24 submarines and 54 surface ships, further equip the Russian Navy by the end of 2020, said on Monday the Russian Minister of Defense Sergei Shoigu. 

"In pursuance of the national armaments for the period 2011-2020, the Navy will receive eight cruisers submarine missile launchers, 16 submarines and 54 multipurpose surface ships of different classes," said the minister. 

According to him, the renewal of the fleet of warships is crucial for the development of the Navy. 

"However, it can not maintain the combat capability of the Navy, if the level of technical maintenance is not performed at the required level," continued M.Cho├»gou. 

The head of the military department noted that since 2011, building maintenance and Russian warships was governed by a three-year contract with the Consortium unified shipbuilding.

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