Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sagem wins new French order: EOMS-NG shipborne optronic systems to be fitted on LHDs and LPD

Sagem (Safran) has signed a new contract with French naval shipyard DCNS, main contractor, for EOMS-NG (Electro-Optical Multifunction System – New Generation) systems that will be installed in 2014 on four large French navy amphibious & projection vessels: three Mistral class BPC ships and the Siroco TCD*.
Developed and produced by Sagem, the EOMS-NG is day-night, multifunction, gyrostabilized optronic system. It offers complete functionality over 360°, including infrared surveillance, identification, tracking, laser rangefinding and fire control.

Controlled from two consoles operating in tandem from the ship's close air defense bridge, the EOMS-NG system will help assess the ship's immediate environment, control self-defense weapons and enhance the safety of helicopter operations. The concept based on high-rate panoramic shots gives it the observation capability equivalent to 100 fixed cameras.
This contract from the DCNS represents the latest success for Sagem's wide range of shipborne optronic systems.

The EOMS-NG system is also in production for six French navy Floréal class surveillance frigates and the six Baynunah class corvettes to be deployed by the United Arab Emirates. It is integrated in the DCNS's new Gowind class offshore patrol vessel, L'Adroit. The Vampir-NG panoramic surveillance version has been ordered for Australia's LHD helicopter carriers and air defense destroyers, as well as Anzac class frigates for Australia and New Zealand.

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