Sunday, March 17, 2013

Paramount Group Enhances land acquisition systems capability with IAD

The Paramount Group's recent acquisition of specialist vehicle design company IAD is one of the moves the company to boost Has Made icts design and innovation capacity, in order to continue momentum Expanding icts in land systems.

John Craig, Chief Executive Officer of Paramount Told defenceWeb That, "The acquisition of IAD continuous Paramount's Culture of innovation and our constant desire to offer the market and our customers the best and MOST advanced technologies available." The order book is growing and over the last five years Paramount Has Seen a 25% year on year growth in business. Paramount as a whole shoulds see more growth this year, Craig Told defenceWeb.

This will come from Both land systems and aerospace, Which make up around each Stock 50% of Paramount's business. Sales are very healthy, Craig Said, with the company Expanding into the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Africa, of course, is "clearly our natural home market."

Paramount Acquired in December 2012 the South African company Industrial Automotive Design (IAD), Which specialized in vehicle design. Craig Said That IAD has-been active in the Middle East and is well RespectED there. He added IAD That is more of a design bureau and Production Rather Than a media organization. "Concentrated IAD on vehicle design. Their footprint is different and complimentary to Paramount. "

Craig Said That AID HAS Developed some prototypes based on regional market and Requirements That Paramount will take and give 'em Those forward momentum. Paramount only Entered the vehicles sector in 2007 is intended Already planning to expand icts vehicle lineup. "There's more to come," Said Craig, as there are "gaps in the product range."

Vehicles in the land systems include the steady Mbombe 6x6 armored fighting vehicle, Marauder mine protected vehicle, Matador mine protected vehicle, Maverick internal security vehicle and Marauder Patrol. The lath was unveiled last year as a protected utility vehicle Aimed at the police special forces and peacekeepers. At the time, "The Marauder is one of our best sellers. We can not Produce em fast enough, "Craig said.

Apart from vehicles and aerospace, Paramount aussi Provides finance solutions in Investments HAS electronic systems, communications, and command and control systems. The company is Involved in supporting peace operations, Providing things like deployable clinics, workshops, camps, bases etc.."Especially In Africa, supporting peace operations are a growing thing," Craig said. "We are Supporting a number of gouvernements supporting peace to grow Their competence."

Paramount aussi icts works with partners on weapons systems, turrets and the like. One area of ​​Paramount's business That Does not receive much care is icts correctional services Offering. Craig Said there is big demand from gouvernements to put up new prison facilities and refurbish old Provide rehabilitation programs. However, this is only a small share of Paramount and accounts for less than 10% of the company's business.

In addition to IAD, Paramount HAS couple of other acquisitions Underway in the maritime and aerospace Sectors goal will only release details later. "We have our hands full at the moment with acquisitions," Craig Said, Adding That There Were No immediate plan for more acquisitions.

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