Monday, January 14, 2013

USS Zumwalt: soon the biggest destroyer of the U.S. Navy

elevision Bloomberg recently reported the construction of a new type of destroyer in the U.S. Navy. Its particularity? It closely resembles a type of ship ... 19th century!

Mid-December, the site BIW (General Dynamics) Bath has successfully integrated the imposing superstructure of the USS Zumwalt (DDG 1000) on the hull of the future American destroyer. Weighing 900 tons, 47 meters long and 18 meters high, the composite block was transferred by barge to Bath, where he was laid on December 14.

First of a series of three large stealth missile destroyers, the USS Zumwalt, whose construction began in February 2009, is now 80% complete. Its set afloat in 2013 and its delivery to the U.S. Navy the following year.
The DDG 1000 will measure close to 186 meters long and 24.4 meters wide and show a displacement of nearly 15,000 tons in charge.

Although called destroyer, so he clearly outperform U.S. ships in the same category (type Arleigh Burke destroyers measure 155 meters and have a displacement of 9200 tons burden), and even the type Ticonderoga cruisers (173 feet, 9 970 tonnes).

The USS Zumwalt, which will have a small crew (130 + marine detachment aeronautics), was particularly designed for coastal operations.

It will carry 80 cell vertical launch Tomahawk missiles, Harpoon, SM-3, and VLA ESSM, two AGS 155mm guns, two 57mm pieces of light artillery and torpedo tubes.

It can also carry a Seahawk helicopter and three Fire Scout drones. Its propulsion is provided by four gas turbines supplied by Rolls-Royce MT30 two, with a power of 34.8 MW and a speed of 31 knots.

The construction of its first sister ship, the USS Michael Monsoor (DDG 1001), began in 2010, the building must be received by the U.S. Navy in 2016.

The third ship of this class, the USS Lyndon B. Johnson (DDG 1002), delivery is expected in 2018.
The series, which was initially include 32 units to replace older destroyers type Spruance, stop there, the U.S. Navy has decided not to pursue this program because of its huge cost. End of 2011, the Pentagon estimated that the bill for the first three Zumwalt is expected to reach $ 20 billion, including studies.

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  1. And the Chinese Admiral think they can sink it by stuffing explosives on a fishing boat. Is he a real Admiral or what??? Does he know that by the time those fishing boats get close it will be sink in a heart beat?? Wow... word from an Admiral that has an aircraft carrier that was built since world war two....



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