Wednesday, January 23, 2013

U.S. Navy Expands Partnership Brazil

NOC Brazil Expands Partnership

RIO DE JANEIRO --- Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Adm.. Jonathan Greenert Concluded a weeklong visit to Brazil Saturday, January 19 Where he spoke with naval leadership, toured multiple navy and marine corps bases, maritime and expanded partnership opportunities.

One of the main objective of the visit was to meet with Greenert for the Commander of the Brazilian Navy Adm. Julio Soares de Moura Neto, who Greenert Refers to have a steadfast friend and partner in this Economically vibrant country with growing military capabilities.

Greenert's visit symbolically year of construction the U.S. Navy's commitment to the two navies, maritime partnership with roots reaching back to WWII.

Officially Greenert prolonged the relationship through a personal invitation to Moura Neto and the Brazilian navy to take part in the multinational exercise Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) 2014.

Greenert and Moura Neto aussi secured future cooperation Opportunities entre le through the two nations joined signing memoranda of understanding of two, one of Which is to continue the Military Personnel Exchange Program (MPEP), Which allows for Brazilian and U.S. officers to swap jobs and learn defense practices from the host country.

The other memorandum signed by Both naval chiefs Enacted the Foreign Service Liaison Officers memorandum of understanding, Which topping has a liaison officer to command specific to his or her country Represent Regarding matters of government policies, procedures, laws and r├Ęglements.

Expressed his appreciation Moura Neto Greenert and for the U.S. Navy by bestowing upon him the Brazilian Order of Merit Award for distinguished service and exceptional contributions to the Citizens and country of Brazil. Greenert accepted the award on Behalf of the U.S. Navy with a sincere declaration of continued naval support. "This visit Emphasized the importance HAS really of my relationship with Adm. Moura Neto and our Navy," Greenert said.

Greenert's trip Began in the capital city of Brasilia on Monday Where he, his naval counterpart Moura Neto and senior naval officers sat Brazilian down for a round table discussion about maritime Numerous topics.

The visit continued with a tour for Greenert Aramar of the Nuclear Facility and various military facilities in Rio de Janeiro, Including the Itaguai Submarine Submarine Base and Shipyard Which facility is under construction. While in Rio, Greenert STATED the U.S. Navy will assist with lessons learned from Brazil the development of the U.S. nuclear submarine program to help foster Brazil's subsurface capabilities.

"I find it impressive," Said Greenert of the Brazilian submarine program. "I find it innovative and I think que le Brazilian navy, the Brazilian government and the defense establishment is very forward looking."Greenert added, "I'm very impressed with the professionalism, the investment of time and people and of the technology."

In honor of Greenert's visit and capabilities as a military demonstration, the Brazilian Navy and Marine Corps amphibious assault Executed a live exercise, a simulated pilot rescue Performed Mission and paraded by marine marine amphibious force at the division headquarters near Rio de Janeiro.

Greenert spoke at a press conference with attached Moura Neto to Discuss his visit, the impact on him it HAD Effective talking with the Brazilian navy's leadership and seeing sailors and marines Their in person."I would put my opinion or my feeling of the Brazilian navy at the very top," Greenert said. "The government and the Brazilian navy Have the best vision for what is the right security in the Atlantic and I would view as the leader em que area."

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