Monday, January 14, 2013

US-China: a scenario of a nuclear war published by an expert (media)

A nuclear strike against China the United States would be 50 million deaths and 25 million to 50 million serious injuries, according to a report by Phillip Karber, a researcher at Georgetown University, excerpts of which are quoted by the Russian portal Mail. ru.

"50 of the 315 million Americans will be killed on the spot after the Chinese nuclear first strike, around 50% of the population suffer from diseases caused by radiation. Two-thirds of 7569 hospital will be destroyed and half of doctors will be among victims. A third power plants and 40% of agricultural land will be destroyed or exposed to residual radiation. 100 million Americans will face starvation in the ten years following the attack. expectancy and quality of life of survivors resemble that of the Middle Ages, "according to the report M.Karber, great strategist of the Cold War and the direct advisor to the U.S. Secretary of Defense at the time.

The 2011 report is the result of a three-year study devoted to potential Chinese nuclear and some 4,800 km of underground tunnels that China has built to hide his arsenal. According to the report quoted by the website , 3,000 nuclear warheads are hidden in a vast underground labyrinth Chinese, whereas U.S.
intelligence had always said that China had 300 to 400 nuclear warheads.

On 2 January, President Barack Obama signed a document allowing the Pentagon to use nuclear weapons to neutralize the "Underground Great Wall" of China. Mr. Obama also instructed Strategic Command United States (USSTRATCOM) to submit a report by 15 August 2013 on the Chinese network of underground galleries and the ability to neutralize these tunnels by nuclear and conventional weapons.

Moreover, even the Pentagon casts doubt on the effectiveness of nuclear strikes against the Chinese underground tunnels located at a deep and too long, according


  1. Go ahead, NUKE CHINA! They're going to be the "Red Dragon" in the Book of Revelation that will wage war with the people of God.

  2. if they nuke Chine,dont you think it will not affect your country?what about the fallout,can you predict the direction of the weather?think 100x before you react

  3. The US is decaying by the day and war is its only means of salvation. It will attack defenceless countries in the Mid East incapable of inflicting destruction on US assets.Syria is the latest example. The chemical weapons use is just a flimsy excuse for the US.
    If NK is athreat ,why doesn't the US attack it?I will tell you why. At least 3000 GIs will die for the US to destroy the NK regime.As for China,I believe it's matter of time the PLA will develop the means to ensure more inescapable and unacceptable destruction on the US if the Pentagon is hell bent focussed on destroying China.
    The days when the US can be immune from the ravages of war in WW2,are over. Get real

  4. The days when the US navy can flaunt its carriers off China will be history, if not now, will be history soon.In 1996 the US send two carriers through the Taiwan Straits to scare the shit out of the politburo.Those days area distant memory. In a real war scenario,at least 50 % of the carriers sent to attack China will be sunk.Of course China will be devastated . The US will suffer intolerable destriuction of at least 30%,imho.
    Btw, why does the US send its navy to the vicinity of China?Whta will the US do if the PLA send its destroyers off California.?Dont give the bull shit the US is a good guy and the Chinese painted perpetually as the bad guy.
    I tell you what. With the current dispute between China and Japan,it is agolden opportunity for the US to attack .
    In the good old days The US would have asked the Chinese to back off.
    It aint happening now because the PLA aint weak like the last 10 years. It may not be able to defeat the US,but by God,if the Americans want to engage in war,they will get a bloody nose,which will be a million time worse than Pearl Harbour.



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