Monday, January 21, 2013

Rafale negotiations between Dassault and the UAE revived?

The visit to Abu Dhabi François Hollande last week would have put on the table the offer of Rafale in the UAE.
The president should not officially discuss the Rafale during his visit to the United Arab Emirates on 14 January. "Off", François Hollande would instead slipped a word about the offer of French Dassault Aviation to equip the Air Force with 63 Emirati hunters "made in France".

According to information from the website of The Tribune , serious negotiations were indeed taken from the manufacturer tricolor and the UAE, but set up a possible timetable for signing the contract. The talks have resumed after the interview with François Hollande Federation President Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

If negotiations led by Dassault Aviation exclusive advance by leaps and bounds for signing the contract expected before next May, with Abu Dhabi, the dialogue is less easy to "sellers" of the Rafale.

Last November, the British BAE Systems were even a snook at Dassault after the signing of a"partnership in the defense industry, including close cooperation on combat aircraft Eurofighter Typhoon and industries new technologies " between Prime Minister David Cameron and his counterpart UAE .What put the Typhoon to compete with Rafale? Or a simple maneuver to influence negotiations and the price offered by Dassault Aviation?

In November 2011, the UAE had considered uncompetitive and unworkable provision of Dassault AviationRafale fighters for 63. After a visit to Charles Eldestenne, former CEO of Dassault Aviation, Abu Dhabi in early 2012, the French multirole aircraft was back in the race.

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