Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pakistan’s PNS Alamgir Docks in Kuwait

Pakistan’s guided missile frigate PNS Alamgir docks 2nd time in Kuwait for friendly visit during on schedule anti-piracy missionsin Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea. Pakistan enjoys brotherly relations with Kuwait in all professional fields. PNS Alamgir weighs around 4100 ton having overall length of 138M fitted with modern weapon and equipped with latest sensor systems.

“Pakistan has always been a staunch supporter of integrated approach to combating the roots of piracy. Pakistan Navy is part of CMCP (Coalition Maritime Campaign Plan) and desire to find the right way forward which would lead not only to the eradication of piracy but also the eliminating the causes of germinating this threat.” said the commanding officer Abdul Munib while media briefing.

“Pakistan has been assigned to command Task Force-150, which covers an area of responsibility including the Gulf of Oman, the North Arabian Sea, the Red Sea and the Horn of Africa.”

The PNS Alamgir’s Crew contains 280 on board staff, size is almost the half of football ground having 
helicopter-hosting capabilities and can carry up to 4,100 tonnes, fuel capacity approx 0.2 mil US Gallons which is consumed with the average of 4-5 normal cruising days.

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