Friday, January 18, 2013

Navantia Offers Combat Ship and LPD to Phillipines

Navantia Cantabria offers a low cost to Norway

Navantia needs to increase its business, currently based in the maintenance of Navy ships and the construction of two amphibious ships similar to Juan Carlos I to Australia, the first of which was delivered in October 2012. A low workload for its three shipyards that is taking to strengthen its commercial activities, supported by the Ministry of Defence.


Sources Navantia Athena also explained that the company could also sell their ships in the Philippines, as the country has been interested in the patrol and amphibious Avante 1800 Athlas 8000.

While waiting for Turkey to make known, expected in January, which company will participate in the construction of their new amphibious ship, for which Navantia is one of the favorites, the shipping company has sent its proposal to the Norwegian Navy for construction of a logistical support vessel, low budget, similar in concept to Spanish Cantabria.

Elaborate a proposal to win this contest has remained unsuccessful in the first round, since none of the 13 yards that presented their projects met the ceiling Norwegian government budget, set at 150 million euros. The reason is that technical requirements are such that their manufacturing cost that was unfeasible.

In the new Specification, Norway has slashed the baseline characteristics of the vessel which has allowed to submit a proposal Navantia very tailored to the needs of their navy, according to Athena explained company sources.

However, competition with shipyards in Germany, France and Italy suggests that it will be difficult to win a contract. Yes, to be with him, is expected to be awarded this year, would be a heavy workload for Ferrol shipyard, as published by La Voz de Galicia.


In addition, the shipping company has also stepped up its marketing efforts in countries like Qatar, where it already has a sales office and having Your Ad Here submitted a firm proposal to the Ministry of Defence of the country for the construction of four patrol type and six type Avante Avante 1800 300.

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