Saturday, January 19, 2013

Lebanon: MILAN marksmanship training for the benefit of soldiers FCR

26 December 2012 to 12 January 2013, the Force Commander Reserve (FCR) was conducted during three weeks initial training specialty (ISP) shooter missile infantry light anti-tank (MILAN).

The group of students, consisting of 16 military squadron lighting and Investigation (EEI) and 3 military company VBCI followed a phase of theoretical instruction in the French camp Dayr Kifa and phase implementation of the Spanish camp Marjayoun. Courses focused particularly on the implementation of the weapon system, firing techniques simulator (DX 143) and more traditional materials such as identification and topography.

The training concluded with a series of tests including a walk with the position and ammunition, installation position, environmental observation and shooting simulator. A ceremony that took place in Deyr Kifa, formalized the end of the ISP with the delivery to each participant a certificate of practice MILAN shooter. These courses complement those already held by the squadron personnel lighting and investigation undertaken in Lebanon and patrol of light armored vehicles equipped with this weapon station (VBL MILAN).

Directly under the orders of the commanding general of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), the FCR is the item emergency UNIFIL. Based in Dayr Kifa, it is able to respond on short notice (less than three hours) throughout southern Lebanon, through 1701.

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