Monday, January 14, 2013

India: the army wants an aggressive response in case of fire in Kashmir Pakistan

The head of the Indian army on Monday ordered his troops to react aggressively when shooting Pakistani forces along their de facto border in the disputed region of Kashmir after recent clashes between the two armies.

We expect that our commanders are aggressive. Orders are very clear, if provoked, I expect my reply that unity of command, told reporters the General Bikram Singh.

Military leaders of the two armies will meet Monday at the border, known as the Line of Control (LoC), after the recent clashes in which soldiers on both sides were killed.

Pakistan says two of its soldiers were killed in firefights border, one on January 6 and the second on Thursday.

For its part, India has said that two of its soldiers were killed on Tuesday by the Pakistani military has penetrated 500 m within its territory and that one of them was beheaded.

These recent incidents have led to new tensions between the two nuclear rivals engaged in a fragile peace talks.

According to General Singh, how were treated soldiers killed by the Pakistani army is an unforgivable act.

We want Pakistani army soldiers remit the head as soon as possible, he said at a press conference in New Delhi.

We want to keep the peace dialogue and explore the best ways to communicate with Pakistan but attacks must stop, he said.

The family of the soldier beheaded, Lance Naik Hemraj, began a hunger strike to demand that the head of their army is made.

I want the whole body of my husband. He served the country and deserves respect, said his wife, Dharmvati on the Hindi news channel, Zee TV.

The United States urged India and Pakistan to ease tensions in Kashmir, a region that has been the cause of two of the three wars the two neighboring countries formerly under British rule, have delivered since their accession simultaneous independence in 1947.

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