Thursday, January 17, 2013

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada Awarded $ 24 Million Contract LAV-A2 by U.S. Marine Corps

General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada a has-been Awarded USD $ 24 million contract to Produce 13 Light Armored Vehicles (LAV-A2) for the U.S. Marine Corps. General Dynamics Land Systems, the Canadian company's Parent corporation, is a business unit of General Dynamics.

The LAV-A2 is a mobile, survivable and lethal system for Conducting a variety of functions, Including security, reconnaissance, offensive and defensive operations as share of the Marine Air-Ground Task Force. The eight-wheeled vehicle Operates on land and water. It is equipped with enhanced armor protection and automatic fire-suppression year system for crew protection, as well as a robust suspension for mobility.

Vehicle Production Will Be Performed at the General Dynamics Land Systems-Canada operations in London, Ontario, with the Existing workforce. The first delivery is scheduled for June 2014 and the last delivery will be made in October 2014.

The Marine Corps ordered 253 HAS LAV-A2 vehicles since 2007. Over 800 units of year Earlier Version of the Light Armored Vehicle Entered service with the Marine Corps in the 1980s and continue operational deployment today.

"General Dynamics Land Systems is proud heritage of icts with the Marine Corps and is Committed to serving the Corps with cost-effective mission-critical products and services," Said Michael Bolon, senior vice president, Navy and Marine sector at General Dynamics Land Systems .

The contract was Awarded through the Canadian Commercial Corporation, a Crown Agency of the Canadian Government.

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