Friday, January 25, 2013

Eurocopter knows no crisis. Little or

Through the voice of its CEO, Lutz Bertling, the European helicopter announced Thursday morning a record turnover of 6.3 billion euros in 2012, up 15% compared to last year. He delivered 475 aircraft last year, registering at the same time 469 controls. Last year, the activity was done with 72% export (excluding France and Germany).

Eurocopter claimed first place in the civil and parapublic devices over a ton, with 44% market share, far ahead of number two (the American Bell) that points to 25% Things are more difficult in the military field with a third place on the podium (18%) for the European industry. The American Sikorsky is first with 24%, on par with the Russian helicopter assembled in one basket. To finish with the statistics indicate that the military is finally 46% of the activity of Eurocopter, against 54% for civil and parapublic.Eurocopter has used to explain his less good ranking in the military by the lack of access to some great markets (China, Russia, United States ...). This is probably true, but only partly. Can for example be argued that France never considered buying before ordering Blackhawk or NH90 Caracal ... well, more than 250 LUH "Lakota" Made in Eurocopter are now in service across the Atlantic and 'Franco-German helicopter is in the running for the competition on the Armed Aerial Scout U.S. Army.

Going back to 2012, the year was marked in the military by sending in combat in Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr UHT Tiger and NH90 Italian. Germany will also deploy its NH90 in Afghanistan in the coming weeks. On the industrial side, Eurocopter began in 2012 to deliver the first CH-53GA and Puma Mk2.Two modernized versions of older aircraft, the first service of the Bundeswehr and the second in the Royal Air Force.

And for 2013?

In a context of reduced military spending in Europe, or at least severe offs, Lutz Bertling was confident: evoking the French case, the CEO of Eurocopter not expected to impact severely on orders helicopters and no discussion is underway to renegotiate the contracts already signed. 40 Tiger HAD ordered will thus preserved while NH90 orders could be planed some units and spread out over time, with a lower delivery rates to 6 or 8 units per year. France has opted for 34 TTH and 27 NFH and control multi additional 34 TTH to meet the needs of Alat is expected before the end of the first quarter. The other question mark for Germany where discussions are continuing on a high place "development" commands.Refusing to enter into details, Lutz Bertling, however, recalled that in the negotiations between two longtime partners, nobody's interest to put the other in trouble or face a backlash annoying ... In Spain, the initial order 45 NH90 has been reduced from seven units. In Greece, the first four aircraft purchased are delivered and paid. The sixteen other controlled devices are still valid, even though deliveries will probably spread again. To date all customers Nahema NH90 received at least one copy of the helicopter (Belgium being the latest) and 136 aircraft are in service with more than 30,000 total flight hours accumulated by all the fleet. A program that has taken its cruising speed, hiding in passing the lack of sales of NH90 in 2012. No Tiger not sold during the past year, but leads or sales campaigns during the next Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, or Qatar, the latter also being interested in the range NH90. Qatari drivers are indeed coming and try TTH NFH in France and Italy.

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