Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Embraer and combine to make AgustaWestland helicopters in Brazil

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer and the manufacturer of the Anglo-Italian helicopter have signed a bilateral agreement. They bet on the future creation of a joint venture to set up a production line in Brazil on land Helibras, Eurocopter subsidiary.

A small bomb in the global aviation landscape. At setbacks long-haul aircraft generation, the helicopter industry created new strategic alliances.
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When an Anglo-Italian helicopter renowned wants to enter the market with high potential, what better way to partner with local flagship aircraft?

AgustaWestland, a subsidiary of Italian public Finmeccanica and largest helicopter manufacturer,announced Jan. 21 the signing of a bilateral agreement with Embraer , the Brazilian manufacturer of regional jets for the future creation of a joint venture.

If an agreement is reached in the coming months, the joint venture of AgustaWestland produce devices inBrazil . The ideal solution for the Italian to reach one of the fastest growing markets for helicopters, as well as watering throughout Latin America.

Embraer has never shown interest in the production of helicopters, but the words of its CEO Frederico Fleury Curado is clear: "This is an important step for Embraer and the development of our business" , he said in a joint statement.

According to figures published by the Anglo-Italian AgustaWestland currently represent 25% of the Brazilian market for civil helicopters, when data from specialized website Flightglobal not ascribe no more than 14% market share. Where a real craze Bruno Spagnolini, AgustaWestland CEO: "We believe that having an industrial presence in Brazil will help us to consolidate and strengthen our activities in one of the most promising emerging markets in the world" .

First they target the civilian market, the two new partners shun any commands from the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, as well as "the potential market for twin-engine helicopters, medium capacity designed to meet applications in the oil and gas offshore " , the statement said.

It must be said that in Brazil, and in recent years, an actor truste ubiquitous helicopter market: the European Eurocopter, EADS component . Through its Brazilian subsidiary Helibras, only manufacturer in the country, it is half the civilian market, and more than 66% of the market for military helicopters.

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