Thursday, January 3, 2013

China Military Implements ‘No Drinking’ Order, Army Daily Says

China Military Implements ‘No Drinking’ Order, Army Daily Says

China’s military leaders have been ordered to ban alcohol consumption during official visits to their subordinates, the People’s Liberation Army Daily said in a commentary titled Not Drinking Won’t Hurt Feelings.
The order is in line with the so-called 10 Regulations on Work Style ordered by the Central Military Commission, said the commentary, which was also posted on the website of the Ministry of Defense. As the country celebrates New Year holidays, the decision to drink or not is a test of the effort to improve practices by officials at all levels, the commentary said.
High-ranking military officials must begin observing a new set of rules, including banning receptions that
feature luxury banquets and welcome banners, Xinhua News Agency reported Dec. 22, citing the 10 regulations.

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