Saturday, January 12, 2013

Belarus buys a new batch of ground-air missiles Russian Tor

Belarus has signed a contract for the purchase of the third battery of ground-air missiles Russian Tor-2M in 2013, announced Thursday the official news agency Belta Belarus referring to Deputy Defense Minister Igor Lotenkov.

"We have supplied the second Thursday battery-air missiles Tor-2M and have signed a contract on the delivery of a third battery," said M.Lotenkov quoted by the agency.

Belarus has two missile batteries Tor-2M Baranovichi who are deployed in the Brest region. The country's military has tested new missiles during fire training organized on the polygon Russian Achoulouk in 2012."This year, we expect a further review during exercises" Community action in 2013, "the official added.

A battery of Tor-M2 missile launchers four mobile able to shoot 16 targets moving in all directions at a speed of 700 m / s at a distance of 12 km and an altitude of 10 km. The system is operational in all weather, day and night.

Tactical system Tor protects sites of missile strikes against antiradars, cruise, UAVs, guided bombs, airplanes and helicopters. Tor-M2 system has no equivalent in the world.

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