Saturday, January 5, 2013

Alta Devices claims world's lightest, most efficient military solar chargers

Alta Devices has already laid claim to one solar charging-related record, now it's claiming to add world's lightest to its list of selling points. The company is still touting its mats as the most efficient (though, there are some valid challenges to that claim), but it's adding portability and versatility to its resume. It's smallest military model weighs just four ounces, is roughly the size of a sheet of paper and delivers 10 watts of juice while meeting all the requisite durability standards. There's also a larger 20 watt, eight-ounce version that the company claims can keep a soldier supplied with power all day in strong sunlight. The next step is to put these light, efficient cells in unmanned drones and, hopefully, consumer electronics. For a bit more check out the PR and video after the break.

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