Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Abe plan to purchase 5th gen. fighters from U.S

The purchase of stealth fighters for Japan Air Self Defense will be discussed during Shinzo Abe, the Japanese prime minister's visit to the United States on February, reports our sister newspaper, Want Daily.
Abe stressed that the Defense Plan Outline and Mid-term Defense Program (FY2011-FY2015) approved by Yoshihiko Noda, his predecessor, will both be revised. Under his new direction, the structure of the self defense force will be expanded.
After his meeting with Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, on Jan. 18, Fumio Kishida, the Japanese foreign minister returned to Japan to arrange Abe's visit to the US on Feb. 20. Abe plans to sign a contract worth US$1.3 billion to purchase four fifth generation fighter jets from the US. The contract will also give Japan license to assemble those four stealth fighters domestically.
A statement in the China's military publication People's Liberation Army Daily on Jan. 20 encouraged soldiers, sailors and airmen to prepare for a potential war in Your Ad Here the near future.While praising the outstanding performance of the Chinese military personnel in the various exercises that took place last year, the commentary also warned them grow docile in times of peace.
General Wei Wenhao, the head of Beijing Military Region's Military Training Department, stated that peace has softened the minds of the Chinese soldiers for too long. PLA soldiers must be ready to fight and win in actual combat.

There are only two options remaining for the PLA, according to the commentary. The first option is to be ready for war; the second option is to fight a war. This is a direct order given by Xi Jinping, China's general secretary, during his visit to the Guangzhou Military Region last December.
Apparently, Chinese political and military leaders are showing their determination to wrest the sovereignty of the disputed Diaoyutai (Diaoyu or Senkaku) islands from any claimants, including Japan. The disputed territory was nationalized by Tokyo on September of 2012.

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  1. I just saw the pictures of Armenians in their nice uniforms with guns. I have pictures like that too from childhood military school and college. One thing I noticed: the Armenian "soldiers" are posing like they are modeling. There firing positions are un-natural like the "new" Afghan soldiers trying to imitate American soldiers by keeping their rifles half-drawn while slinged. All the Armenians were clean shaven like Kim Kardashian. They don't have the killing gene. Turks, we do. It is our nature to kill. We have to work very hard just to control that nature and be good Muslims. I will bet with the right weapons, Azerbaijan will smash Armenia. I think it is good that Turkey will sell F-16's to Azerbaijan but I want the U.S. to sell F-18's to Azerbaijan because not even Russia's 4th generation fighters can take on a Superhornet. I want America to sell depleted uranium anti-tank weaponry so that every tank Azerbaijan destroys will also pollute Armenia with depleted uranium for the next 10,000 years. I want U.S. black ops squads training Azerbaijanis to cut the balls off of Armenians and Russians and put it in their Armenian and Russian mouths after cutting their heads of and putting them on poles for psy.op purposes like the U.S. did in Vietnam. Matter of fact, Azerbaijan needs Israeli Sayaret Matkal working with their military because I heard that Sayeret are some seriously evil mofos when it comes to warfare. That's what Azerbaijan needs. Re-embrace your genetic warrior side to get the future you want. Armenians are not shit. Neither is Russia. Russia talks a good game, and they rely on people fearing them. As soon as they see that you will cut their heads off like Chechen would, they run for cover. Armenia is only acting tough because of Russia. If they were so tough, they would not have marched 700 miles out Turkey like some pathetic fools when Osmanlis turned into wolves.




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