Thursday, August 23, 2012

Polish Air Force takes Delivery of Last Hercules Transport Aircraft

"We made one more step towards modernizing Polish Air Force. It was possible thanks to coopertaion with our American ally," said Minister Tomasz Siemoniak during ceremony in the airport in Powidz.

On Wednesday, August 22, Minister of National Defence Tomasz Siemoniak participated in the ceremony organised on the occasion of receiving the transport aircraft C-130 Hercules No. 1505 as a part of equipment of the 33rd Transport Air Base in Powidz.

During the ceremony held in the Powidz Air Base the US Ambassador to Poland Lee A. Feinstein, the 1st Deputy of the Chief of General Staff LtGen Mieczyslaw Gocu? and Polish Air Force Commander LtGen pilot Lech Majewski were also present. After the ceremony press conference of Defence Minister was held.

"The end of realization of C-130 program within Foreign Military Financing brings a new quality to our aviation and logistics. Five Herculeses C-130-E increase the operational capabilities of Polish Armed Forces and allow planning participation in foreign missions more boldly," said Minister T. Siemoniak.

Polish Air Force Commander said that gaining Hercules aircraft improved capabilities of the whole Armed Forces. "The aircraft contributed new possibilities in both operational and tactical meaning," LtGen Majewski added.

The US Ambassador to Poland Lee A. Feinstein pointed out during the ceremony: "This day opens new stage of Polish-US military cooperation."

Minister Tomasz Siemoniak presented awards to soldiers of the Air Force for special contribution to the project of C-130.

At the end of the ceremony Minister Siemoniak and the US Ambassador Lee A. Feinstein got commemorative statues from the Commander of the Air Force and - from the soldiers of the 3rd Tactical Air Wing commemorative photo with Hercules.

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