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Engineering Technologies 2012 Small Weapons

                     Engineering Technologies 2012 Small Weapons

AK 12 (Izmash Russia)

The firm Izmash presented for the first time the prototype assault rifle AK 12 . This weapon as it was presented, had many innovations such as its ambidextrous fire selector, the cocking lever should be reversible (left or right handed use), the folding stock and adjustable in height and length.
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The head cover has a hinged mounting rail Picatinny for mounting an optical sight day or night (but keeps up when mechanical destruction of the optical sighting). The size of the railPicatinny -type mounting allows clip-on . Handle the handguard has several rails picatinnyfor mounting accessories (tactical flashlight, laser pointer, etc front handle.) In the configuration 5.45 x 39 mm hindsight is very low.
 This weapon, although qu'avancĂ©e in its development, could still present some interesting changes in the final version.


ATCS-TL (Sozvezdie Russia)

The Russian firm Sozvezdie , whose presence on the show was very noticeable, proposed addition to the vehicles on display on tarmac, the transmission equipment of the Russian soldier. This equipment, which is a subset of the ATCS-TL (Automated Control System of combinated-arms and Military Support Units at Tactical Level) , is already in service with the Russian armed forces. 
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                                                                                       ATCS-TL (Russia)
PDA ( Personal Digital Assistant ) can receive information from units in the field (drones, radar monitoring battlefield reconnaissance gear, etc..) and view them on a digital display. It can also provide information on potential targets present in the area occupied by the veteran as well as the needs of supplies (ammunition, fuel, etc.). This information is transmitted via WIFI level. The head gear includes headphones, a microphone and a camera mounted on the helmet, allowing the command to visualize real-time environment infantryman.
The firm Sozvezdie also had the means of transmission used in different vehicles at the brigade. Training of users is provided by the company VEGA.


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GSH VT 7 (FKP GkNIPAS - Russia)

The GSH  VT 7  is a rocket infrastructure and anti-anti-light armor driven by an RPG 7 V2.
Its warhead is composed of two parts. At the time of impact, the load before entering masonry up to 400 mm and up to 50 mm of armor. Then charging back, penetrating through the opening created by the load flat neutralizes the occupant or infrastructure armored targets.
 The firm FKP GkNIPAS introduces two mines helicopters. These mines are composed of a warhead (consisting of several flat loads directed to the sky). Once armed, the mine is in standby mode. At the time of his approach, the sound signature of the helicopter is identified.When she tells an enemy aircraft, the mine is activated. Charges perforate steel 12 mm at 100 meters. Mine has a battery life of 6 days.

Kirasa (Kirasa - Russia).

The firm  Kirasa presented equipment of the soldier of the future Russian.
Holding breathable, fire resistant for a period of 15 seconds, has a camouflage summer and winter. It facilitates the crossing of water obstacles by providing better buoyancy infantryman equipped. Enhanced protections protect body parts against shock (knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, etc.). Holding has a quick release arms and equipment of infantry (door-chargers, door grenade pouches radio gourd, etc ....).
                Ballistic Your Ad Here protection consists of front and rear plates. The helmet can stop ammunition Type 9 x18 Makarov.

Malakhit (KBP-Russia)

The Russian firm KBP had an automated control system shooting for forward observers (Automated Artillery Fire Control System). The Malakhit is an optronic system for the detection and designation of targets in a radius of 8 km, 4 km day and night, provided, however, using a thermal camera. The Malakhit is complemented by a mapping system and a system of long-range transmissions.

Malakhit (Russia)
The Malakhit  allows firing guided munitions terminal type Krasnopol M 2. This ammunition of 155 mm, driven by self-propelled gun has a range of 25 kilometers. Its weight is 54 Kg for a warhead of 11 kg of explosive.
The Malakhit, weighing 42 5 kg with the thermal camera can be carried on men's backs, 3 loads.
                                                          Krasnopol M 2 (Russia)

MOAMS (Rubin Russia)

The company "  Scientific Production Enterprise RUBIN " presented an automated system for missile shooters SATCP (Very Short Range Air Sol) called MOAMS (Manpads Automation Operators Mean Set).

Mounted on the helmet, a display screen indicates the shooter direction in elevation and azimuth of the target. The SATCP is further provided with a thermal imaging camera for a shot at all times. Equipment related to the system (electronic boxes, transmissions, batteries, etc. ..) are attached to the helmet or on the chasuble.
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SR 1 (Tsniitomach Russia)

The Russian firm specializing in dedicated special forces weapons presented two variants of SR 1  :
- The SR 1 MP, provided an interface for mounting accessories (referred red dot , laser designator, the moderator, as the weapon pictured below)
- The SR 1 PM, for the shooting training.

                                                        MP SR 1 (Russia)

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