Saturday, July 14, 2012

P-96M 9 mm pistol - KBP Russia

P-96M 9 mm pistol
KBP - Russia
P-96M pistol is a new generation combat weapon.
Low weight, small dimensions, large capacity magazine and optimum ergonomics ensure effective combat use.
9x18mm pistol cartridge with armour-piercing bullet (7N25) makes it possible to penetrate body armour.
Due to automatic safety the pistol can be carried with a cartridge in the chamber, ensuring enhanced readiness to fire.
The P-96M can be easily fired by both the right and left handed persons.
Plastic frame allows to reduce the weight and increase corrosion resistance.


Cartridge: 9x18mm with armour-piercing core (7N25), 9x18mm Makarov
Magazine capacity: 14 rds
Weight with empty magazine: 0.46 kg
Magazine weight empty: 0.085 kg
Dimensions: 152x31x118 mm

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