Saturday, July 14, 2012

KrAZ-5233BE 4x4 high mobility tactical vehicle

KrAZ-5233BE 4x4 high mobility tactical vehicle
KrAZ - Ukraine 

The KrAZ-5233BE Special Forces 4x4 has successfully passed tests to be in operational service in Ukrainian army.
The KrAZ-5233BE Special Forces high mobility tactical vehicle and its modifications are intended for prompt transportation of personnel of military units, special forces and UNO piece-keeping forces, as well as various equipment, artillery systems of up to 152 mm caliber and various trailers on all types of roads and cross- country terrain.
The vehicle can be successfully operated within temperature range of -50 to +60°C at an altitude of up to 5000 m above sea level.
The vehicle is equipped with a centralized tyre inflation system ensuring high cross-country ability on low-load-bearing capacity soils, as well as with a winch with tractive force up to 12 t designed for self-recovery and recovery of various vehicles.
State commission that performed tests consisted of MOD officers and AvtoKrAZ employees. Five-month long tests were held in harsh environmental conditions in different regions of Ukraine in accordance with testing procedure developed by MOD.

The trucks have covered around 17 000 km of asphaltic concrete, earth, sand and mountain roads. All of the trucks successfully passed the state tests and are recommended for use in Ukrainian army.


Configuration: 4x4
Truck curb weight: 10700 kg
Load carrying capacity: 6000 kg
Turbocharged engine: YaMZ, Cummins, Deutz
Power output: up to 370 hp
Maximum speed: 120 km/h
Maximum gradient: 35°
Maximum side slope: 25°
Fording: 1.5 m

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