Monday, July 2, 2012

Make Garang Hawk 200

A Black Panther head stuck in the body fierce Hawk fighter 200.Mulutnya fierce roar, background lights flash a sharp picture.

Gray sky, is also increasingly making this Panther head life, and ready to pour. Figure 12 is a marker off metal birds made ​​the departure of British Air Squadron 12, Air Base (Lanud) TNI AU Pekanbaru.Hampir the snout also written the number 09 aircraft. This number is the sign of the number of aircraft in the squadron.

This bird looks shiny metal, with camouflage motif unity young gray and gray space tua.Tampangnya garang.Siap crashing. Pierces the blue sky nusantara.Menggeliat intelligent among white clouds, drew estate crashing each opponent that threatens. Gray camouflage color has just completed has been designed by the best sons of the TNI AU is incorporated in the Conservation Unit (Sathar) 32, Depots Conservation 30, Lanud TNI AU Abdulrachman Saleh, Malang.

Not a member of England, or the United States, which makes iron a fierce bird, segarang Panther. The best sons of the people, who take refuge in Sathar 32, capable of self-made Panther Squadron, Air 12 roaring in the sky archipelago. Just a few steps in front of the Panther Squadron, Air 12, it appears Jonga or deer head logo, from which came out in the tray sumringah.Jonga Hawk's 200 Squadron of the Air Force 1 Pontianak, also will undergo a color change of the times in Sathar 32.

Today, Jonga symbol agility, intelligence, and speed is still using the color green lama.Loreng, combined green, and brown, still clinging lekat.Sebentar again, tangantangan best skilled 'sons who joined the Sathar 32, will be gloomy with new colors, camouflage the gray. "abuabu camouflage colors, the colors of the official camouflage combat aircraft TNI AU," said Lt. Two Assistants (Pelda) Lagiono. TNI AU soldier, who has devoted himself since 1986 is, become one of the senior non-commissioned officer in Sathar 32.Perannya, especially in the case of painting dealing with TNI aircraft fighter AU.Banyak ditanganinya, including F-16 combat aircraft.
 From the hand of the patient soldiers, currently there are eight units of Hawk fighter who had been replaced camouflage gray camouflage-abu.Lagiono quotes Hawk aircraft that have been completed repainted and repaired, is in the Air Squadron, one of five units, and in Air Squadron 12 of the three units. "Pengerjaannya done in Malang.Ada also that we are doing in their skuadronnya," he said very friendly. Need at least 7-8 gallons of paint, or about 28-32 liters of paint to paint an aircraft unit. Pengerjaannya carried out for 1-2 weeks.

The process starts from cleaning the old paint, repair, and painting with new paint. Quality of results painting, can not diremehkan.Karya children of this country have proven to have high quality. One of the evidence, the painting is done on tactical combat aircraft F-16, aged 10 years, but have not shown harm. "Our Quality comes first. In addition, the artwork is also a part of the aircraft pencetan ini.Hingga make the aircraft appear vivid, captivating, and have a good quality, "said Lagiono.

Not merely a camouflage color on her body and replaced it dibersihkan.Kemampuan avionics and aircraft electrical instruments, was also dibenahi and kept in Sathar 32.Alhasil, temput tactical aircraft is not only fierce on the outside, but the ferocity eligible machinery diacungi thumb. Head unit avionics and electrical instruments (Aviolinst) Sathar 32, Lt. A (Lettu) Electronics (Lek), andhi Mahay said, every fighter who entered treatment in Sathar 32, will be checked against the overall condition.

"One can not be escaped incipun checking, because the prime condition of the aircraft will greatly support their operations," he said. In total, there are three levels that must be implemented in the painting and repair of this fighter. Stages, according to the quality control Sathar 32, Assistant Lt. One (Peltu), Haryanto, among others, the predock; in dock and dock post. The level of acceptance of pre dockmeliputi aircraft from the squadron who mengoperasionalkan. Then proceed to test the entire system of the aircraft, including a test engine functions and performance of the aircraft.
 Level in the dock, that would be dismantling, inspection, repair, and aras. "In the last stage, or post dock, will be weighing, checking the last, and the test flight," he explained. Aircraft painting experience and performance, and these repairs, it runs very lama.Menurut Commandant Maintenance Depots 30 Lanud TNI AU Abdulrachman Saleh Unfortunately, Colonel Dento Priyono, in the year 2012, the painting schedule is very tight. After completing the painting of six aircraft F 16, extended the painting eight units Hawk 100, Hawk 200.

"In addition, transport aircraft painting is complete Cassa A 2103, and Cassa A 2017," he said. Each painting, and repair the aircraft, carried out by small teams consisting of 8-10 people personel.Mereka consists of one of the officers, members, and control their own Safeguarding kualitas.Depo, supervise three units which Sathar 31; Sathar 32; and Sathar 33 . A nation proud of the personnel ini.Setiap Sathar, have care, affordability, and the soul of art to improve the combat aircraft.

They made ​​each iron bird TNI AU to be fierce, be eligible to offer, and high bermanuver on the blue sky, breaking the space, keep every bit of air sovereignty of the archipelago.

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