Saturday, May 4, 2013

Successful test launch of country’s first unmanned aircraft

Scientists at the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology successfully tested Vietnam’s first unmanned aircraft (UAV) on May 3 in Hanoi.
The UAV tested were two out of five models created by the Institute of Space Technology over the last five years.

All the five prototypes, coded AV.UAV.MS1; AV.UAV.S1; AV.UAV.S2; AV.UAV.S3; and AV.UAV.S4; have their own technical specifications, are domestically made with professional cameras for both day and nighttime use, fitted with scientific devices, and possess programmed flying routes.

The biggest prototype of 170 kg can fly at 180 kph within a radius of 100 km and at an elevation of 3,000 meters, continuously for six hours.

All the UAV’s are the result of research conducted in unmanned aerial vehicles for scientific research purposes, led by Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang.

After the experiment launch, the Institute of Space Technology will perfect these models for mass production to serve research purposes as well as for professional use.

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