Saturday, July 14, 2012

VKS 12.7 mm large caliber sniper rifle


VKS 12.7 mm sniper rifle is intended for engaging wide variety of targets (including those protected by heavy body armour) at ranges up to 600 m by silent flashless shot due to the original design of the silencer and use of powerful ammunition that features subsonic muzzle velocity of a bullet.

Large caliber provides high casuality effect.
The use od special cartridge with high bullet energy provides considerable superiority in effective range of fire, penetration and casuality effect in comparison to other Russian and foreign silent weapons.
VKS compactness in contrast to other large-caliber rifles is achieved by means of "bullpup" layout.
The rifle is reloaded manually. Cartridges are fed from box magazine with the capacity of 5 cartridges.
The rifle is equipped with an aperture iron sight and a universal plate for mounting sights. The bipod, butt plate and buttpad are height-adjustable.


Caliber: 12.7x54mm special subsonic
Operation: manually operated, straight pull bolt action
Barrel: n/a
Weight: 5 kg empty, less cope and silencer; 6.5 kg with scope and silencer, less ammunition
Length: 1125 mm with integral silencer
Feed Mechanism: 5 rounds detachable box magazine.
Effective range: up to 600 m
Magazine capacity: 5 rds
Dimensions w/o optical sight: 1125x220x220 mm

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