Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sri Lanka Army to Hold Major Defence Seminar

The Sri Lankan army is to hold a major defence seminar with the participation of representatives from more than 63 countries, the army said in a statement on Thursday.

The three-day defence seminar is held with a view to sharing and discussing post-conflict experiences on the road to recovery and reconciliatory moves, designed for long-lasting peace and stability, Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya said in the statement.

"The army as directed by the government have thrown our full weight behind the country's post-conflict recovery machine and infrastructure development tasks and roles. It has been amply proved that our commitment for any development project could perform comparatively much faster and more effective than any other civil organization could do," said Jayasuriya.

The Sri Lankan army successfully defeated the Tamil Tiger rebels three years ago after 30 years of fighting in which thousands were killed.

The defence seminar which will be held next month will also focus reconstruction, resettlement, rehabilitation, reintegration and reconciliation in post-conflict Sri Lanka, Jayasuriya said.

The army chief said that so far the United States, Britain, China and many others have confirmed their participation in the session.

The Sri Lankan army conducted its first post war defence seminar last year with the participation of over 94 delegates from 41 countries.

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