Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mumbai terror suspect’s taped voice comes to life

The voice had long haunted Indian police investigating Mumbai’s deadly 2008 terrorist attack.    
They had repeatedly listened to a tape of cell phone intercepts containing chilling words from one of the men guiding 10 terrorists through the gun-blazing rampage that killed 166 people in India’s financial capital.
”Pass this message to the media—‘this is just the trailer; the real film is yet to come,”’ the voice said.
Anti-terror police engaged in one of India’s largest investigations had no idea who the man was, only that he had a Mumbai accent and used Hindi words unusual for Urdu speakers like the attackers on the ground.
Police believe they finally have the man behind the disembodied voice after ferreting out the suspect from Saudi Arabia where he was hiding, according to officials close to the investigation. They say he had given himself away to the police by opening a Facebook account under his real name—Syed Zabiuddin Ansari.
Ansari—an Indian citizen whose aliases include Abu Humza, Abu Jindal and Abu Jundal—was arrested at New Delhi airport on June 21 after Saudi Arabia agreed to hand him to Indian officials and put him on a flight home.
Indian investigators told The Associated Press that Ansari was considered a key player in the plans for attacks on India. They say he was so central to the Mumbai attack plans he was among those giving orders by the minute to the attackers or directing them on their cell phones from a control room in Karachi, Pakistan during the Nov 26-28 bloodbath.

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