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LY-80 (HQ-16) Air Defence Missile System Poly Technologies - China


                               LY-80 HQ-16 air defence missile system - China 


LY-80 also know as the HQ-16 missile weapon system, is a medium range and medium altitude air defence system.
It is designed to intercept fighter aircraft, cruise missile and air to surface guided missile, as well as to provide air defence cover for maneuvering ground troops and high value assets, such as command and control centers and military base.

System composition

One searching vehicle of the weapon system is capable of controlling three guidance vehicles, and each guidance vehicle is capable controlling four missiles firing vehicles. One guidance vehicle and four firing vehicles compose one firing unit.
Normally, one air defence battery is comprised of one searching vehicle and three firing units, i.e. three guidance vehicles and twelve missile firing vehicles.
The system configuration can be tailored according to customer requirement.

              Standard configuration of missile weapon system

Searching vehicle: 1
Command vehicle: 1
Guidance vehicle: 3
Missile firing unit: 12
Missile in tube: 144
Missile transport & loading vehicle: 12
Power supply vehicle: 2
Maintenance vehicle: 1
Missile test equipment: 1

Specifications of system

Maximum range of surveillance radar: 140 km
Maximum range of tracking radar: 85 km
System reaction time: less than 12 s from guidance vehicle receives target designation to missile leaves launch tube.

Specifications of missile

Length: 5.2 m
Weight: 650 kg
Diameter: 340 mm
Average speed: 700 m/s
Maximum speed: 1.200 m/s
Maximum overload: 25 g
Altitude: 15 m to 15.000 m
Maximum slant range: 40 km
Guidance system: Strapdown inertial guidance + intermittent illumination and semi-active homing terminal guidance
Navigation rule: update proportion
Launching mode: Six-cell vertical cold launch
Killing probability: SSKP against airplane is not less than 85%, SSKP against missile is not less than 60%

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