Monday, July 2, 2012

Indonesian Is buying (Main Battle Tank) Leopard from Germany

Indonesian Ministry of Defence to ensure buy heavy tank (Main Battle Tank) Leopard from Germany of 100 units in order alutsista TNI Army modernization. Leopard heavy tanks of the plan will be purchased from the Netherlands.

"Specific TNI AD, we have decided to buy tanks from Germany with leopard weight gain assurance considerations of time and target of the volume of military equipment we need," said Wamenhan Sjafrie Syamsuddin told reporters in Jakarta on Monday (2/7).

According Wamenhan, Leopard MBT purchase articles from the Netherlands stopped to focus on the purchase of tanks who came from Germany to run smoothly.

Sjafrie explained, budget allocation 280juta U.S. dollars, the required processing based on the allocation of external loans, where the process through grend good book or blue book from the Ministry of Finance and BAPENNAS.

"When this process is performed in acceleration, and parallel to within one week we will immediately obtain certainty-certainty in terms of the provision and financing and of course, followed by aspects of team supervision conducted by the provision of prevention and diversion of goods and services by involving BPKP, FELDA and Itjen Kemhan and TNI Headquarter and armed, "recalls.

"The amount desired in the procurement of these tanks approximately 100 units, out of that, we are looking for 15 units has been in Indonesia in October 2012," he explained.

He adds a purchase consideration of Main Battle Tank Leopard Netherlands discontinued because of certainty factors and certainty of process time required not one perceived by the Dutch.

Kemhan associated desire to 15 German heavy tank units already in Indonesia in October 2012, according to placement in full Sjafrie TNI Headquarter Army authority. (Rm)

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