Monday, July 9, 2012

E56 120 mm heavy mortar - Hellenic

E56 120 mm heavy mortar
Hellenic Defence Systems - Greece
The E56 mortar having high-performance characteristics is capable of firing any type of the 120 mm mortar rounds. This mortar is transported in its assembled condition by a special two-wheeled carriage (which can be towed by any suitable vehicle) and, in this way, it is dismounted on the new position assembled and ready for action.
High accuracy and reliability, long range of 9 kilometres, high rate of fire (maximum of 18 rounds/min), rugged construction, high mobility, simplicity of operation and maintenance, high fire power and great lethality are some of the main features of this mortar. Furthermore, this mortar incorporates a significant safety feature by employing a firing pin which can easily be retracted in case of a misfire. The barrel, which has a smooth fine-tolerance bore, is made of special high-strength forged steel with good mechanical properties at high and low temperatures. The construction of the steel bipod mount combines high strength, lightness and ease of operation. The elevating and cross-levelling mechanisms (including screws) are sealed for long, trouble-free life. The steel base plate is of circular shape with four welded ribs on the underside for reinforcement and prevention of slipping. The mortar can have a 360° arc of fire without need to move the base plate. The sight used with this mortar is the M53A1 type. The weapon is supplied with two aiming posts and their tritium lights as well as a complete field-service kit.

Calibre: 120 mm
Range, min./max: 600/9000 m
Rate of fire: maximum: 18 rounds/min,
sustained: 4 rounds/min
Elevation: 40° to 85°
Arc of fire: 360°
Traverse at 45° elevation: ±8°
Max. operating gas pressure: 1800 bar
Design gas pressure: 2380 bar
Total weight of mortar without sight: 266 kg

Barrel with breech plug
Weight: 98 kg
Length: 2030 mm

Bipod mount
Weight: 65 kg
Length (folded): 1350 mm

Base plate
Weight: 103 kg
Diameter: 1000 mm

Sight (provided with illuminating apparatus and case)
Type: M53A1
Weight: 2.9 kg
Magnification: 4X
Field of view: 10°
Eyepiece axis: 90°
Telescope vertical tilt: ±300 mil
Elevating arc: -200 to 1600 mil
Traversing arc: 0 to 6400 mil

Weight: 165 kg
Length: 3150 mm
Width: 1115

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