Saturday, July 14, 2012

CN-295 to TNI-AU First Take the Test Flight

C-295M aircraft to Indonesia by a deal with Airbus Military was named by CN-295 (photo: Muniz Zaragueta)

First CN-295 aircraft orders to the Ministry of Defence Indonesia TNI AU made ​​by Airbus Military Spain has been completed and is currently undergoing flight test. First CN-295 aircraft is given a code A-9501.

Contract worth 325 million U.S. Dollar for the procurement of nine CN-295 aircraft was signed on February 15, 2012 in the event Singapore Air Show, in it also includes the provision of spare parts and training.

CN-295 aircraft operated by TNI article will replace the role of Air Force Fokker-27 which is aging and at-grounded after the collapse of a plane last month. This aircraft will be deployed in various missions such as military operations, dropping logistics, humanitarian aid and medical evacuation missions.

The first shipment of these aircraft are predicted to take place in September or October 2012, and the rest continue until the second semester of 2014.

Suitable agreement with Airbus Military, the order 9 aircraft 2 aircraft will be done entirely in Spanish Airbus Military, while seven other assembly will eventually be done in PT DI Bandung.


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  2. With the raft CN-295 in PT DI then, will add kasanak knowledge of military aircraft to Indonesia and will provide assistance to other countries that require military aircraft CN-295



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