Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bronco all terrain tracked carrier ST Kinetics

Bronco all terrain tracked carrier
ST Kinetics - Singapore

The Bronco is supported by a comprehensive Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) system to ensure high operational readiness at all times.
ST Kinetics has also developed the Advanced Proactive Solutions (ALPS) to enhance the ILS system of vehicular platforms.
ALPS has been customised and implemented for the Bronco that are in service.
ALPS include:

  • Diagnostic Expert System (DES)
  • Electronic manual (EM)
  • Computer Based Training (CBT)


Length:8.60 m
Height:2.20 m
Width over track:2.30 m
Crew:16 (6 front + 10 rear)
Maximum road speed:60 km/h
Swimming speed:5 km/h
Side slope:30%
Vertical obstacle:1 m
Trench:2 m
Engine:350 hp at 2400 rpm
Transmission:fully automatic
Steering system:hydraulic, articulated
Unladen weight (enclosed):11200 kg
Unladen weight (flatbed):10700 kg
Combat payload (enclosed):4800 kg
Combat payload (flatbed):5300 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (enclosed):16000 kg
Gross Vehicle Weight (flatbed):16000 kg

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