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2012 Eurosatory Small weapons

      2012 Eurosatory small weapons.

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SmartCore FNH (FNH-Belgium)

The Belgian company FN Herstal, had an electronic module ( SmartCore ) that can be placed in the pistol grip infantry weapons without changing the balance. This new system is designed and developed to provide various information, including for maintenance of weapons. Its implementation is carried out without modification and operation requires no user intervention.

 AQC 1 (ESM-Israel)

The bezel  MSE AQC a day of sight has two sight reticles for the firing of short and medium range. It is possible to vary the light intensity of reticles depending on the ambient brightness. The system has a program to put the optical sleep when it ceases to be used.

The bezel is powered by one AA battery enabling a range of 1200 hours. With aluminum it is made, this telescope weighs only 366 grams. The viewfinder is 30x35 mm. The AQC 1  can be coupled with a scope type night MSE Gold Sight  . 
 This daytime riflescope was developed by Mr. Mickey Hartman, he was the founder of the school sniper in the IDF, it is now the CEO of the firm MSE Ltd. .

SR-3MP 9x39mm - Tsniitochmash (Russia)

The famous Russian company exhibited a modified version of the SR-3 MP especially designed for special forces of the Ministry of Interior.

This weapon differs from the standard version by its handle metal skeleton placed at the base of the pistol grip. This arrangement facilitates the taking of sight when the shooter has a helmet with ballistic eyewear. This weapon retains its other assets
  • powerful ammunition (caliber 9 x 39 mm),
  • ability to mount a sound suppressor,
  • ability to mount an optical sighting system day or night,
  • compact size when the stock is folded (only 410 mm).


SIG 553 7.62x39mm - Sig Sauer (Switzerland)

The firm SIG Sauer presented an original version of the SIG 553 chambered for the Russian ammunition 7.62 X 39 mm. The weapon retains its grip foldable plastic skeleton on the right side.

In this version, the top of the receiver is equipped with a mounting rail  picatinny permitting the mounting of an optical sighting system (here a telescope Trijicon ACOG 3x30).
The barrel of this rifle has a flash suppressor opened. The weapon has a charger wire hanger type 47contenant AK 30 cartridges.


Saiga 12C exp 01 - Izhmash (Russia)

 Izhmash the firm had many weapons that the gun in 12 gauge Saiga 12 C 01 EXP .
This weapon, based on an operating mechanism Kalashnikov, is for police and special units. Its principal attraction is its firepower and its reliability in commitments in urban combat. It may also use the wide range of ammunition calibre12, such as ammunitionbreaching door , designed to open doors or break locks quickly.
 The Saiga 12 EXP 01 C has a folding metal skeleton butt, fitted with a cheek piece (it facilitates decision referred with a view).
The cylinder head cover has a hinged rail picatinny for installation an optical sighting system day or night. The lower portion of the handle handguard has small rails picatinny for attaching accessories.

Under the barrel, rail picatinny , which can be attached an electric lamp, for example, is mounted at the gas-operated. The gun is equipped with an imposing cylindrical flash suppressor.

The gun has plastic loaders with a capacity ranging from 5 to 7 cartridges.


 Gilboa APR 5.56x45mm - Silver Shadow (Israel)

The Israeli stand was present for the first time at Eurosatory. Among the weapons on display, the Gilboa APR ( Assault Pistol Rifle ) can be classified in the family of PDW (Personal Defense Weapon).


 IWI GL 40 - IWI (Israel)

Israeli firm IWI (Israel Weapon Industries) exhibited a new grenade launcher: the 'IWI GL 40 , of which there are two versions:
- Version "standalone"
- Version UBGL (Under Barrel Grenade Launcher).

IWI GL 40 (Israel)
This weapon can be used with the guns of different lengths (10 inches or 12 inches). In its configuration "barrel 12 inches", it weighs 1.35 Kg and carries 400 meters.
The lateral opening of the breech loading allows all types of 40mm grenades at low speeds, including grenades illuminating.

IWI GL 40 (Israel)
The controls are easily accessible (safety lever and bolt release lever). A is picatinny rail under the barrel for mounting accessories.
 CBC Sniper Line (CBC-Brazil)

 A range of high quality ammunition, developed in collaboration with the British firm "  Extreme Performance  ", known for the quality of realization of its projectile, was proposed for the first time.

These munitions included the 308 Limited Penetration Hollow Point , whose characteristic is not to puncture it reaches the target to minimize collateral damage.



 QIOPTIQ Saker - Qioptiq (England United Kingdom)

The riflescope SAKER , which uses a technology called "Fusion", was presented for the first time. This bezel is produced by the English firm Qioptiq . 
The technology allows to increase the scope and improve the image quality, especially in low light conditions. Because of its small size, it can be mounted on an assault rifle.

The system can be used in either clip-on and is powered by batteries  CR 123 or AA . 
The bezel SAKER won the award for best surveillance equipment in the last edition of " Soldier Technology Conference  ", May 29 in 2012.


 LWMMG - GDATP (United States)

The firm General Dynamics presented the new gun LWMMG ( Lightweight Medium Machine Gun ), whose performances are of interest:
  • range of 1700 meters,
  • punching capacity of a protective vest level 3 at 1000 meters,
  • weight of 10.88 kg,
  • compatibility with tripod 192 million.

Chambered for the 5.56 x 45mm ammunition, the Gilboa APR has a short barrel 6.5 "(165 mm). weighs 2.26 kg without magazine, this submachine gun measuring 628 mm or 378 mm depending on whether the Lacrosse is folded or not. This can be removed to convert the weapon in a version for the gun or attach a harness or strap. The weapon has a rail picatinny flat-top , for mounting the system of sight (mechanical or optical), as well as mounting rails for accessories in 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00.
 This machine gun fed by bands emmaillon√©es is chambered for the cartridge 338 Norma Magnum .
If necessary, the barrel can be changed during fire support long-term. The weapon has a mounting rail picatinny on top of the box bolt that extends the cover for mounting type clip-on .It has, also, for a telescopic sight daytime Trijicon 6x48 and rails placed on the handle handguard for mounting accessories like a laser pointer.
The rate of fire of the gun is 500 cp / minutes allowing a good control of the weapon.


 F90 M - Thales (Australia)

The firm Thales Australia presented the gun  Thales F 90 M derived from the EF 88 Australian.
                                    Thales F 90 M (Australia)
This weapon should participate in the replacement program FAMAS. It comes in five versions:
  • standard with a 407 mm gun,
  • standard with a 407 mm gun and a grenade launcher 40 mm,
  • DMR version with a 508 mm gun,
  • DMR version with a 508 mm gun and a grenade launcher 40 mm,
  • Version CQB with a 360 mm gun.
The grenade launcher UBGL ( Under Barrel Grenade Launcher ) is a grenade launcher 40 mm MWT ( Madritsch Weapon Technology ).


MPL 40 Wegmann (KMW / NST / DIEHL - Germany / UAE)

This lightweight system is designed to protect the vehicle which is equipped with a smoke screen or ammunition by firing less lethal type CS, CN, Flash bang (in operations of peacekeeping, for example).

The system 40 Wegmann MPL also derives grenade type 40 x 46 mm (low velocity) or 40 x 123 mm.
The charging is carried out by the cylinder head, locked by sling.
In standard mode, the system includes modules with four guns. The firing mechanism is electric. The main advantages of this system lie in its simplicity of use and installation. TheMPL Wegmann 40 can be mounted on the superstructure of a vehicle or on a remotely-controlled turret.


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